Lisa profileLisa Caprelli

Talk Show Host for The Business Experience Show

Go Glossy, Public Relations & Media

Author of  the #1 Best Seller: Color Your Message


Yew Young Entrepreneurs Living Large

“I enjoy helping varied businesses through our business acumen and public outreach. Helping others grow their business to new levels brings great purpose! I respect and love people who work hard. I was not born into wealth. Nothing’s ever been handed to me.  I have learned that results happen when you take actions steps  Having a strong team is important!”

Accolades:  Speaker on innovation, change, technology and digital marketing.  Founder of non-profit Young Entrepreneurs Living Large:

Background: Public relations, marketing, website designs, content management, leadership training, business plans, branding & advertising, digital media, radio show and podcasting & social media training.

Ryan Hawk East

Segment Producer – The Business Experience Show

Ryan Hawke EastRyan Hawke East is a graduate of CSU-Fullerton where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. While in school, he was able to study abroad for six months at Trinity Saint David in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. Whilst abroad, Ryan was able to study English theatre and film, as well as establish a taste for directing. Once back in the States, Ryan and his roommate, Conor Turoci, created Hawke’N’Bones Studios, an indie film production team dedicated on creating genre-specific, self-written films contrasting present world views in order to provide entertaining concepts that will inspire audiences.

Ryan also works independently as a producer, writer, videographer, and film/audio editor. Ryan has now broken into the ground of the podcast world as producer of The Business Experience Show.


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Bruce Barker, Voice-over Narration
Pete Smith, Additional Music (Various Commercial Spots)

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